A Curious practice and the Children of Compost

A curious practice.

Looking for references to Donna Haraway’s composition of the Children of Compost, I came across this text (click for pdf) , also writter by her, that not only ends with some stories of the Children of Compost (the Camilles), but also speaks to what it takes to thinking with other beings, humans and non-humans, which resonated with many of the conversations we had last week.

“But how do we take back up a collective adventure that is multiple and ceaselessly reinvented, not on an individual basis, but in a way that passes the baton, that is to say, affirms new givens and new unknowns?”

The children of compost are also developed in the final chapter (click for pdf) of Staying with the Trouble, and close the wonderful film Donna Haraway: Story telling for Earthly Survival https://g.co/kgs/NtwP6x.

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