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Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations

Deepening Creative Practice is a new, boundary transcending programme where the arts and social sciences weave together as participants explore their whole selves.

At a time when creativity is in ever more demand but opportunities to explore and experiment with it can be difficult to find, we invite you to bring (or uncover) the creative, risk-taking and curious parts of yourself…

This trans-disciplinary, non-linear programme is where the arts and social sciences weave together, as participants explore their whole selves in relation to their eco-system through experimentation, reflection, challenge and a space for thinking differently.

Deepening Creative Practice is a learning experience where you can explore your whole self in relation to organisational leadership, consultancy and change. The programme will support you to (re-)awaken, nurture and cherish those aspects of yourself which may be more hidden, to be explored within the work setting. 

Programme faculty and participants will co-curate and create their own learning experience from a number of different resources offered by the programme. These will include:

  • Five seasons including a final ‘exhibiting’ season;
  • Experiential learning and group relations (working with creative resistance);
  • Social dreaming
  • Working across difference in art disciplines – visual arts; dance & choreography; theatre & performance;
  • Archival and curatorial frameworks;
  • Organisational residencies: the creative exploration of organisation ecosystems;
  • Embodied sessions integrating the psychophysical;
  • Artist-led workshops;
  • Creative practice supervision.

Towards the end of the programme, participants collaborate in the production of an exhibition, installation, event, festival or other manifestation and expression of their learning, to be held in April or May 2021.

Deepening Creative Practice is for organisational leaders and consultants looking for another stage in development who want to experiment with and explore their creative potential.

It is for artist-academics, artistic practitioners, working artists, concerned and creative citizens, freedom fighters, passionate learners, curious ecologists or bored out-of-the-box agents of life and wellbeing on and of our at-risk planet.

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