Making with Dreams

Workshop with Bongsu Park on Wed 15 July 2020.

Paper clay. Beans. Gouache.
It started from the inspiration of the dream image of giant white flamingo’s wings spreading in and out of the river, covering everything. We had to drive on them to pass through. Here the wings tranformed into organic shapes, half insects half flowers. And colour came on to them too. Thick layers of gouache. Colours are invading one another. I envision something like this at a much bigger scale. covering the floor, inviting visitors to walk on them just as we had to drive on the giant wings in the dream image.
I imagin a macrame cage, un-finished, or half un-made. Perhaps making it in full and unmaking it to achieve the unfinished shape. A dom inviting visitors to become immersed in an audio scape of dreams and poems recordings.
text recordings of dream scape at the heart of the inspiration

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