for there’s nothing right nor wrong but thinking makes it so
From Hamlet by Shakespeare

Hamlet is saying that things are not inherently right nor wrong, instead, we give things meaning and/or make judgements about them, through our thinking. Perhaps this is about the quality of our thinking more than the actual thoughts.

The context we are living in is Covid-19 with societies in a state of high anxiety, and with people showing less willingness to explore and more rigidity of thought.

This leads to polarities in how different sections of society see things and less ability or desire to walk in each others’ shoes—a relative denial of the paradox, absurdity, uncertainty, mystery and ambiguity of the world. Others may have a manic response to the existential threat that we are facing – desperately grasping at things to do, in an effort to return to and protect ‘normality’.

Unless… we deliberately give ourselves a choice – allowing a space not to follow the herd automatically (or whichever section of the herd we’re in).

A pause… Eckhart Tolle uses a pause symbol in his book The Power of Now: §  which offers the opportunity to let yourself, your whole self, be in this moment – fully: §. Heightened awareness is about not going into a habitual response automatically, refusing the subconscious habit, whilst opening up the field and expanding your internal spaciousness. It is to make space for whatever you choose (and it might be to follow your herd… or not).

In the midst of a global pandemic – can we practice this conscious awareness – becoming peaceful warriors through the opening up of a responsive moment in the here-and-now – making us vulnerable and unpredictable, alert and engaged, playful and curious. Which could be a definition of a fertile ground for creativity. §

Engagement & PR Liaison and Manager; Consultant; Alexander Technique Teacher My role involves overseeing our public relations activities, communications and marketing through publicising our work through listening and storytelling; and encouraging conversations with established, new and disadvantaged audiences and clients. Underlying all our work is a commitment to: • creating dialogues around our ongoing ideas, theories and methodologies, about organisational and cultural life and how to improve it; • promoting life-long learning and professional development and change; • embodying our methodologies in practice: living the work.

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