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When we designed Deepening Creative Practice as a new professional development offer, we did it knowing that established practices needed to be radically questioned and played with in order to better approach 21st century challenges. Little did we know that we would face such a challenge, that required a creative re-imagining before the programme even began, Covid-19.

However, through conversations with DCP artists, participants, faculty and other colleagues at the Institute, we have navigated a way of maintaining the goals and components of the Spring season and are ready to begin the first iteration of Deepening Creative Practice – already fulfilling the need for new approaches to structure and content.  We are delighted to share the timetable for this season, here on the programme scrapbook, and to be diving into the co-curation of the remaining seasons, with everyone involved.

Whilst activities do inevitably involve Zoom, DCP is also enabling us to explore, through action research and working out loud, how individual practice can develop into collective practice, hopefully moving into face-to-face sessions in later seasons. Over the coming weeks and months, the DCP community will explore a range of methods possible within the current restrictions.

As we are currently focused on our final tasks as programme directors before the first meeting on 29th April – such as getting to know ourselves how the scrapbook works (!), completing the season’s reading list etc. – we have been immersing ourselves in some of the theories and practices that inform our roles.

In the process, the quote by Jung (written in the picture accompanying this blog), stood out. It seemed so resonant.

Perhaps with our enforced lockdown, there is an opportunity through Deepening Creative Practice, to dig down into our individual roots, in order to deeply connect through the networks available, despite the physical distance and working at a slower, than originally envisaged, pace.  In an environment of great anxiety, upheaval, uncertainty, loss and grief, we are heartened by this community coming together to nurture the seeds planted in Spring and see their growth and blossoming towards Summer. The time that we now have, that will allow emerging ideas to develop, feels refreshing, and we are hopeful that what comes next will bear fruit for this new world we are now inhabiting.

We welcome all those joining Deepening Creative Practice, and we welcome the wider world to visit the Deepening Creative Practice Scrapbook and share your thoughts with us too.

Heather and Juliet

Programme Directors 

Programme Director, Deepening Creative Practice

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