Social Dreaming #2 Notes 23rd June 2020

SDM #2, Deepening Creative Practice

Day 3 of Spring Season

Tuesday 23rd June: 1.00– 1.45pm; followed by 15 minute review.

12 participants                  7 dreams                8 associations

The Matrix took place via Zoom

Notes written up by Juliet Scott

In writing this up I am can hear the many voices present and questions arising as we have begun work together in the Deepening Creative Practice programme.  The process of writing has got me viscerally in touch with our dreams as data to the unconscious of the temporary organisation, the role of the imagination, the emotions of its unknown journey and the wider society that is our context. 

Fragments and full dreams were presented to the matrix.  5 dreams to start with followed by an association then 2 more dreams and from there on 7 more associations.  The matrix contained a number of silent periods.

The opening dream of the matrix was a fragment, a hanger on the wall with a shirt. The shirt has lots of needles in it.  It didn’t look like the dreamer’s house.

Followed by a series of transport related dreams.

The second dream was a celebration with friends, there were lots of flowers, a lavish party and the need to go somewhere.  We went on boat, everyone seemed stressed and anxious.  The dreamer’s sisters appeared and one of them had regressed to a toddler.  Looking around everyone else had regressed back into childhood.

In the dreams that followed a dreamer was getting on a boat in choppy water like the English Channel.  Wondering whether to wait for people or not and worrying about those that were left behind.  Another dreamer waiting with his young boys on a train platform, the train finally arrived at the other end of the platform but did not wait.  The next train the 2 boys get on and the dreamer has to squeeze in via the window. A dream in an airport getting separated from the dreamer’s travel companion, going through ticket machines like the underground, a map, late for the plane, arriving at the gate eventually reaching it and finding technological cables everywhere and nearby a party.

The association to these dreams is the Harry Potter platform at Kings Cross and of attending a social dreaming training course in Turin and nearly missing her plane because she thought she could walk to the train station and it was close to the airport. 

A dream of queuing to get a sandwich at a café.  Long queue. Houses were closed.  Remembered it used to be busy.  When I got my sandwich got into a car, it wasn’t working.  Instead of reversing went forward, shifted to a plane but set up a like a cinema instead of rows of threes. My line manager there, wanted me to go with her. 

Total pitch dark

Driving a car not seeing anything

No other cars in road;

Nothing. How was I doing it without anyone else. 

How was this happening without a catastrophe.

A number of associations followed.  Flopping; my face and flesh hanging down and loose.   Exhaustion, falling forward and flopping; speed that takes us by control.  Not able to control technology.  Missing trains, more than our comprehension can grasp.   Memory of going to university; would it be good or bad; a sense of excitement.  I am hearing in the dreams there is something in the future, it could be good it could be bad.

Association to a dream of an Institute, a school I have been in before, during the war (which war). Underground and I am hiding there.

Association to a visit to a cave. The entrance is small, behind a huge space with stalactites and stalagmites.  Accessible if people knew where it was.  

Association of the film Heimat and butler who collects artwork and keeps it in a cave.  A final association to the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles like a journey.


Connection, disconnection, silence, play, childhood, space and scale.

A sense of being lost in the silence this time, surprised by this and whether I should do something.  The silence so long that someone thought they had lost internet at some point and went onto another computer to check.  There were lots of vehicles and frustrations about not being able to travel. During the matrix someone distracted by a news announcement, that Boris has said we can travel.  Comforting that others are finding the silences difficult.  Another used to silence from spending time in Japan.  There was a moment of fear of disconnection. 

Dreams of children got me thinking about play and being in a dream world.  Seeing people around us as children, we are so split as adults.

I noticed I didn’t say anything and made me think of Marina Abramovich’s work and how she invites people to sit face to face in silence. 

Dreams take me into the body.  The process, a sense of a difficult journey unfolding.

Noticing the unexpected shifts in scale.  From I know how this space operates to dislocation and shifts to the unfamiliar. Strength of the map; having to be shown by a map. Assumptions linked to familiar spaces.

As well as silences there were dreams, more associations than dreams.  The silences made me think of dreams I had had before.  Went back to the book by Murakami, where there is a big hole, gets stuck in it. So many elements and unknowns.  Uncertainty is this a beautiful thing or is it unstable, scary, maybe all those things and holding them all.  There is a lot on travelling. The cave, underground and darkness.

Programme Director. Artist; curator; consultant weaving together the arts and social science in engaging ways.

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