Thinking through writing: the curatorial space

As we move into the summer season of Deepening Creative Practice with organisations, we invite you to start to think about how the curatorial space will be shaped during this and future seasons.  The yellow boxes in the timetable provide a container for participants to work, with and without faculty, towards the final season in Spring 2021. Inevitably, as the year progresses, our system will become mobilised into making things happen.  In this brief hiatus between spring and summer, it is a chance to remind ourselves of the upcoming season’s themes:

Performance and Organisation



Projection, Politics and Power

And a chance to think about how the curatorial space might be organised, uitilised and developed in relation to these themes – consciously and unconsciously.  We’re also thinking about some of what has resonated so far within the programme: radical authorisation; serious play; data exchange; socially sensing….     

As part of our work on the co-curation of the programme, Juliet and I have generated the design, commissioned the inputs and are bringing our experiences, knowledge and interests.

Saturday’s session with Leslie, Director of the Group Relations Programme at the Institute, will support participants to explore the temporary organisation of DCP, its actors and system and how projection, politics and power are experienced and worked with.  This is designed, whereas the other yellow spaces in the timetable remain open. 

The resources supporting work in the curatorial space:

  • The people.
  • The input from social dreaming, psychophysical space, artist interventions, faculty inputs, the reading list and the work of the study group.
  • Some arts materials and a small budget for the final season.
  • The ‘residencies’ as they are emerging – as context, research.
  • Each of our own selves, with experiences from the past and our concerns and passions – from the day-to-day to the existential.

We have the useful framing from group relations methodology:

Time                           Task                                        Territory

Boundary                   Authority                    Role                Task

We also have our imagination and fantasies of what the final season might be: Will it be an event? A series of happenings? An installation? An exhibition? A performative experience? A stand-alone, boundaried DCP season or an infiltration into other spaces and organisations? Will it be in-person, indoors, outdoors, and/or online? Will it result in produced artefacts? What memories will it leave? A collective endeavour or a curated season of individual contributions? Will it be any, some, all or none of these things? What part do our early fantasies have in the process?

We look forward to Summer, wondering what will it look like, how will we work and what might the final season be.

Programme Director, Deepening Creative Practice

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